Business Registration FAQs


 Do I need a license to operate a business in Norton Shores?

The City of Norton Shores Code of Ordinances require that all businesses, including home occupations, be registered.  Registrations must be renewed annually and are subject to civil infraction penalties for non-compliance. Additional licenses, permits or registration may be required for certain business types. Contact the City Clerks office for more information.

 What is a home occupation and is a license required?

The home occupation provisions of the Zoning Ordinance allow a homeowner to operate a business within a dwelling on a residentially zoned parcel as an accessory use.  Regulation of such home occupations includes the provisions that the use is operated in its entirety within the dwelling and not within any accessory building located upon the premises, that the dwelling has no exterior evidence, other than a permitted sign, to indicate that the same is being utilized for any purpose other than that of a dwelling, that no occupation shall be conducted upon or from the premises which would constitute a nuisance or annoyance to adjoining residents by reason of noise, smoke, odor, or the creation of unreasonable traffic, that the business shall not allow more than three customers per day, and that no persons shall provide services or be employed in  connection with a home occupation, except family members residing on the premises.  Contact the Zoning Department for more information about home occupation standards.

 Why are businesses required to register?

Obtaining a Business Registration Certificate benefits the business owner and the community. Registering your business adds you to the list of businesses on file with the City. This extensive list serves as an information base and is regularly referred to by City staff.  Information provided includes any hazardous materials stored or used on site, and contact information in the event of an emergency.