City Administrator

The City Administrator serves as the City's chief administrative officer, a role similar to that of a president of a private corporation.  The Mayor and City Council establish policy while the City Administrator carries out that policy on a daily basis.  The Administrator's mission is to ensure that residents/customers are receiving the highest quality of services at the most reasonable price, thereby providing a high quality of life.  The Administrator prepares the City Council's regular business agendas, the annual operating budget and a capital improvement program.  Department Heads are supervised by the City Administrator.

The following are specific duties of the City Administrator as provided by the City Charter:

  1. Provide for the efficient administration of all departments and divisions.
  2. Prepare an annual budget and provide the administration thereof after its adoption by the City Council.
  3. Prepare and submit to the City Council an annual report of the finances and administrative activities of the City.
  4. Keep the Mayor and City Council advised of the financial and physical condition and future needs of the City.
  5. Act or designate another person to act as purchasing agent for City purposes.
  6. Act as administrative assistant to the Mayor in the performance of his or her duties.