Yellow Dot

Yellow Dot is a voluntary program geared toward the elderly, but available to all. The target is the “Golden Hour” after a traffic crash when occupants may not be able to communicate for themselves and family is not immediately reachable. Participants come into a participating Police or Fire Department to have their picture taken and form filled out. The documents are then placed in a marked envelope in the glove box. Lastly, a sticker is then placed in the back window to inform first responders of the available information (allergies, blood type, medical history).

Yellow Dot is endorsed by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and AARP.

Yellow Dot packets are currently available at Norton Shores Police Department. Please call ahead of time to make an appointment with one of the POINT Division officers at 231-733-2691.

For additional Yellow Dot locations throughout Muskegon County, please skip to the bottom of this page.

This program is proudly sponsored by Mercy Health, the Muskegon County Senior Millage and the city of Norton Shores.


 Who should use the Yellow Dot Program?

The Yellow Dot Program can be used by anyone but may be most helpful for people with multiple or serious medical conditions.

 What is the Yellow Dot Program?

The Yellow Dot program is a free program designed to help first responders provide life-saving medical attention during that first “golden hour” after a medical emergency. A Yellow Dot in the driver's side rear window will alert first responders that vital medical information is stored in the glove compartment.

 Where is Yellow Dot in my community?

At this time, Yellow Dot is only available in Muskegon County. Currently, it is a pilot project with plans for expansion into other counties in Michigan.

 What is the cost for Yellow Dot?

The Yellow Dot program is free for participants.

 Where do I get a Yellow Dot Packet?

Packets can be picked up at Norton Shores Police Department or participating events.

 What is included in a Yellow Dot packet?

Yellow DOT folder, vehicle decal, medical information/ instruction brochure.

 Can I get more than one Yellow Dot packet?

Yes, you can get a Yellow Dot packet for every vehicle you drive.

 Can I fill out the medical information form for passengers in my vehicle?

Yes, you should complete the medical information form for any other driver(s) of your vehicle, especially if they have a specific medical need (i.e. medical allergy, diabetes, heart problems).

 Where does the Yellow Dot decal go on my vehicle?

The Yellow Dot decal should be placed on the driver’s side rear window of the vehicle.

 I don't want to put the decal on my car or house. Can I still participate in the Yellow Dot Program?

The decal alerts first responders to look for the form in the glove compartment. If you do not use the decal, there is no guarantee that first responders will know to look for the form.

 What happens if I don't have my photo on the medical information brochure?

The photo is crucial to the success of the program. Yellow DOT is about saving those precious seconds immediately following a serious incident. Having a photo identifying to whom the medical form belongs will save time and possibly your life. Please make sure a photo(s) is included with each medical information form.

 What happens to my personal information?

Only you have access to the information in your glove compartment. The information is not kept by any agency or another person.

 I have information that I'm not comfortable putting on the form in case my family sees it. What should I do?

Emergency responders and medical personnel will use the information that you put on the form. If information is blank or not checked, they will not assume you do not have that condition. They will use the protocols they use when they do not have information available.

 Are first responders and medical personnel required to utilize all of the information I put on my form?

No. First responders will determine the most useful information from your form as it applies to the situation. They will also determine whether or not to use the forms based on how up-to-date they feel the forms are.

 How often should I update the form?

You should update the form any time your information changes. At a minimum, you should review the form every six months. Even if you don’t make any changes, be sure to change the date updated fields on each page.

 I take a lot of medications. Do I have to write them out?

It is important that medical professionals know the medications you are taking. If you already have a list of your medications, you can include a copy in your packet instead of writing them down. You can also ask your pharmacy to print out your medications and include the copy in your packet.

 What do I put in the yellow Other Important Information box?

This box is intended for any information you feel is important and was not captured on the form. Since this box will stand out to emergency responders and medical personnel, you can also highlight something you feel is especially important.

 Yellow Dot Pick-up locations


  1. Norton Shores
  2. Fruitport
  3. Roosevelt Park
  4. Muskegon Heights
  5. Muskegon
  6. Muskegon Township
  7. Muskegon County Sheriff’s Department
  8. North Muskegon
  9. Whitehall
  10. Montague



  1. Norton Shores
  2. Fruitport
  3. Muskegon Heights
  4. Muskegon
  5. Muskegon Township
  6. Casnovia Township
  7. Holton Township
  8. Montague
  9. Egelston
  10. Dalton
  11. North Muskegon
  12. Ravenna
  13. Blue Lake
  14. White Lake