Road Construction FAQs

The following is a list of questions and answers regarding scheduled road construction projects in the city of Norton Shores. 

Will mailboxes be moved by the city?
Contractor will relocate the mail boxes. 

Where will they be moved? 
The contractor works with the Post Office on the location of the relocated mail boxes.   The Contractor should notify the residents of the temporary mailbox location.

Will we still be able to drive to my house during the paving process?
As a rule, traffic is not allowed on site during the paving operations.  There is too much going on during this phase of the work and it's a dangerous place to be.  The Contractor should give fair warning to the residents as to the paving schedule (the day prior to the work.)  Once the pavement is in place, it will need a few hours to cool and then traffic can be allowed back on it.

How long will the process take?  
Construction, we are looking at 10-12 weeks.  Paving is dependent on too many variables (i.e.  # of trucks, haul time, weather, local traffic control, and etc..)  With Hile, I would guess that it will take one full day per lift (there will be 2 lifts on this project) with 1 week between lift placements to raise manhole covers.

Do we need to move our sprinklers back from the roadway (yes!)- And how much notice will we receive before they start?
Yes, typically we send out a letter to the residents 3-4 weeks prior to the start of project notifying them of the work and to relocate anything within the ROW that they wish to keep.

What about garbage service during construction?"
This is dependent on the residents’ garbage hauler.  Some will go into a construction zone and some won't.  Arrangements will need to be made between the contractor, resident and trash hauler.

Will we get a written notice from the City before they start?
Yes, When will this come? See above.