How do I winterize my water system?

It's time to check your plumbing system to make sure it doesn't freeze during extreme cold.

  • Holes in basements and crawl spaces should be plugged and insulated to prevent cold air from causing pipes to freeze.
  • Heat tape can prevent pipes from freezing, but if the tape is not properly installed, or if the plastic insulation is cracked or missing due to age, it can be a fire hazard.
  • If heat tape is used, it should be checked annually before it is activated for the season.
  • Persons with separate irrigation meter pits need to call City Hall to have these shut off by the Water and Sewer personnel.
  • Residents who winter in warmer climates may wish to have the City shut off water to prevent potential damage resulting from pipes breaking during freezing weather.  Having the water shut off will also avoid the City sending a bill for estimated usage.