The Police Department is responsible for issuing or authorizing the issuance of several different permits.

 Parade Policy and Permit

The City of Norton Shores has establish standards and procedures for handling of parade requests, including application, review, approval/denial, and appeal. Please see the below attachments for specific parade requirements and the permit application request.

Events sponsored by public schools, government organizations; churches and parochial schools will be exempt from costs associated with this permit.

 Public Assembly Permit

The Chief of Police is responsible for issuing Public Assembly Permits for the City of Norton Shores.  A Public Assembly Permit is required for any "traffic- or crowd-generating event" including any event:
 Which can reasonably be expected to attract 100 people or more; or
  1. For which the organizers of the event have received either a temporary permit for the sale of alcohol or have received an extension of their current license to sell alcohol to allow the off-premises sale of alcohol.
 The following are excluded from the permit requirement, unless the organizers have received either a special permit or temporary authorization for the sale of alcohol:
 Events sponsored by public schools or other governmental organizations;
  1. Events sponsored by churches, parochial schools or other religious organizations;
  2. Events sponsored by a family for family purposes such as a reunion, wedding, funeral or similar type of activity;
  3. Events sponsored by political parties, unions, recognized fraternal organizations or the holder of a public office, or a candidate for such office, for purposes of raising campaign funds;
  4. Events put on by established businesses or organizations at regularly scheduled times on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, so that the traffic and crowd control problems can be reasonably anticipated by the city; and
  5. Events which occur spontaneously, occasioned by news or information coming into public knowledge within three days of an assembly provided that the organizers shall provide the chief of police with at least 24 hours' notice of the commencement of the event.

 Special License for Sale of Beer and Wine Only and/or Beer, Wine and Spirits for Consumption on the Premises

Norton Shores City Ordinances require organizations to provide approved Alcohol Server Training to individuals involved in verifying age or serving alcohol under a Special License.  Training is provided free of charge by the Police Department.  Contact Officer Jared Passchier at 231-733-2691 to register for training.

A Special License is issued by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission to non-profit organizations allowing the sale and consumption of alcohol on-premise for a specific and limited period of time, typcially for special events.  This permit is also issued to non-profit organizations currently licensed sell alcohol under a "Club" license to allow sale to non-club members during a special event.  Approval by the Chief of Police is requried prior to submitting the application to the MLCC.

 Liquor Control Commission Temporary Authorization

Temporary Authorization is issued by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission to a licensed liquor establishment to allow outdoors sale/consumption of alcohol or extend operating hours during a special event.  Approval by the Chief of Police is requried prior to submitting the application to the MLCC.